State Councilor Wang Yong: Five Measures to Promote High Quality Development of New Energy Vehicles


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In 2018, China completed 1.27 million and 1.256 million new energy vehicles respectively, up 59.9% and 61.7% year on year, ranking first in the world for four consecutive years. As of May this year, China has promoted more than 3.5 million new energy vehicles, accounting for more than 50% of the world's total, 400,000 public charging piles and 575,000 private charging piles. At present, the ratio of vehicle piles is 35.1%. Beijing, Shanghai and other cities have initially built large-scale service networks, and the charging network of expressway has formed a nine-vertical, nine-horizontal and two-ring pattern.
At the same time, the growth of China's new energy automobile industry has also nurtured a number of excellent enterprises and entrepreneurs, including not only the industry leading enterprises that have achieved the global development, but also a number of recessive enterprises and unicorn enterprises that subdivide the industry market.
At today's World Conference on New Energy Vehicles, State Councilor Wang Yong introduced the achievements of domestic new energy vehicles in his opening speech. Wang Yong said that at present, China's economy has changed from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage, and the automotive industry has entered a key era of power conversion and development mode transformation.
To promote a more coordinated, high-quality, sustainable and rapid development of the new energy automotive industry, Wang Yong proposed that the following five aspects should be promoted:
First, promote the battery revolution. This is the most important thing to promote the innovation and development of new energy vehicles. We should innovate the research and development model, strengthen the basic common technology supply, accelerate the core technology of lithium batteries, new batteries and fuel cells, improve the industrialization level of our key materials, components and equipment industries, and enhance the density and power density of battery energy. Key technical indicators, such as degree, have greatly improved the safety, reliability and stability of batteries.
Second, we should do a good job in infrastructure construction. Charging and hydrogenation facilities are the basic support for the development of new energy vehicles. We should adhere to the principle of moderate advance, convenience and high efficiency to focus on solving the problems of charging piles, insufficient number of hydrogenation stations, difficulties in reconstruction and construction, scientifically plan urban layout, strengthen the supply of system, improve supporting policies and measures, encourage innovation of business models, speed up the development of intelligent service platforms, and make progress. Step by step to improve the level of infrastructure development, such as charging and hydrogenation, and vigorously improve the user experience.
Thirdly, accelerate the development of integration. Electrification, intellectualization and sharing have become the important direction of our automotive industry reform. We should accelerate the deep integration of new information technology and industry in automotive industry, strengthen the research and development of key technologies such as perception, decision-making and control, promote the construction of standards and regulations, and speed up the development of intelligent networked automobiles such as automatic driving and vehicle-road coordination. The application of technology will actively promote the construction of intelligent road traffic infrastructure and promote the coordinated development of new energy vehicles with smart grid, smart transportation and smart cities.
Fourth, constantly optimize the development environment. All local departments should continue to deepen the reform of the government's "release and control clothing", improve the management of investment projects and market access, strengthen post-event supervision of safety, environmental protection and product consistency, establish and improve a punitive compensation system for infringement of intellectual property rights and the sale of counterfeit and inferior products, and accelerate the construction of a unified, open and orderly competition. A fair market system will further improve our policy system for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, optimize double-integral management, improve fiscal and taxation support, promote insurance and product innovation, and actively encourage our consumers to buy and use new energy vehicles.
Fifth, further deepen international exchanges and cooperation. China's new energy vehicles, our products have entered dozens of countries around the world, nearly 100 foreign parts and technology start-up companies have also integrated into China's new energy automotive industry cooperation, joint venture, integration and sharing development, forming China's new energy automotive internationalization industry chain. Some foreign new energy automobile enterprises have also invested and built factories in China. China will always adhere to the principle of opening up and win-win situation. China is willing to deepen exchanges and cooperation with other countries in the new energy automobile industry, scientific and technological innovation, industrial synergy, policy and standards coordination, quality and safety, and share the new opportunities brought about by the reform of the automobile industry. The achievements of the development of new energy vehicles will benefit the people of all countries in the world better.

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